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Examples of such arrangements that have been found reasonable include: In order to legally refuse an employee's request, an employer must show that he could not reasonably accommodate the employee without undue hardship.

Proving undue hardship requires an employer to show that approval of the employee's request will result in more than a minimal cost to the employer.

Adjustments of work schedules for religious observances may be approved for an employee who is employed in or under an executive agency, as defined in section 105 of title 5, United States Code.

Agencies should require employees to submit a written request for an adjusted work schedule in advance.

An attorney experienced in employment discrimination law will be able to determine whether you have a case for religious discrimination and will advise you of the course of action you should pursue.The clinic’s management objected, explaining to her that given the nature of the pediatric practice and the reasonable desire of child patients and parents to see the face of the medical staff providers, it could not approve wearing of a full headpiece. [the company] to assume that since the plaintiff was a Muslim it was obvious that he could not touch pork.” 2007 U. Management told the employee however, that it would consider what reasonable accommodations could be made to its dress code policy. Yet, in the real world, a number of issues can arise to create friction.An employer and employee may discuss, or even argue over, religious principles.

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Employers are not required to pay their employees for leaves of absence taken to observe religious holidays.

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