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‘Yellow Day’ is set on the title annual celebration at Camp Grace, a rural Christian retreat in Mobile, Alabama that serves special-needs children and teens who are either combating chronic and/or terminal illness or escaping domestic abuse.

The campers who attend hope to not only receive acceptance, and be celebrated, by their peers and counselors, but also obtain a new level of Christian understanding.

In his quest to find Monica, John encounters “The Little Girl” (Ashley Boettcher), who becomes a spiritual guide to him as she gives him a tour of the camp.

During their time together, he witnesses campers overcoming seemingly overwhelming circumstances.

Along the way, he also tests the strength of both his faith and courage, as he sets out to fulfill his destiny in his romantic and professional lives.

The two are still together with a strong relationship. Andrew has graduated from university and Aly has one year left but she has recently discovered her cancer has returned.? Aly is the youngest child of eight and comes from a family of multiples.

John (Drew Seeley), who the story also refers to as “The Good Man,” is trying to reconnect with a woman he met the previous summer, Monica (Lyndsey Shaw).

As a last resort, he visits Camp Grace again this year on Yellow Day, but Monica is nowhere to be found.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful, strong, inspirational woman named Amy Paffrath.

After the positive feedback I received about the interview with my mom — a real woman leading a healthy lifestyle — I decided it would be cool to feature more normal women with advice to share, as opposed to just celebrities. woman whose healthy lifestyle I admire, and I hope you will too.

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