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Validation is a way of communicating that the relationship is important and solid even when you disagree on issues.Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person's thoughts,feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable. Holding someone's hand when they are having a painful medical treatment, listening with your whole mind and doing nothing but listening to a child describe their day in first grade, and going to a friend's house at midnight to sit with her while she cries because a supposed friend told lies about her are all examples of being present.Then, it also implies the use of the Design Specification to feed the construction process.Every time the output of a process correctly implements its input specification, the software product is one step closer to final verification.You may need someone to validate your feelings, which means that you want to hear, “No, you’re not crazy.It’s acceptable to be angry about that.” Or you may need someone to validate your parking ticket — which means you have to prove that you bought something, so you can get parking for free.This is a form of "artifact or specification validation".

Other definitions and discussions come from other literature cited in the bibliography. Calibration has more to do with improving agreement of computational results with experimental results rather than assessing error and uncertainty.

It is normally the responsibility of software testers as part of the software development lifecycle.

In simple terms, software verification is: "Assuming we should build X, does our software achieve its goals without any bugs or gaps?

This section encompasses a variety of mostly verbal techniques. It's a really important aspect in relationships, whether personal, work, or college.

You do not need to use all these techniques in order to validate; instead, choose one or two that feel natural and fitting in a given situation.

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