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Wellingtonians Anton and Elian Pagalilawan were two members from karate clubs around the country to return recently from a trip to Okinawa.

The team trained with the Japanese national team, including the current world champion, and the team's coach, and were guests at the opening of Okinawa's new kaikan dojo (training facility).

Japanese archaeologists excavating the cave discovered both a finished and an unfinished fishhook that had been carved and ground from sea snail shells.

In what has been a highly-controversial move, the NCIS has been running sting operations in an attempt to catch and convict officers of sex crimes.

There’s no telling what kinds of fishermen’s tales they told, but the early modern humans who lived on tiny Okinawa Island between mainland Japan and Taiwan nearly 30,000 years ago are the world’s oldest known anglers.

Now, archaeologists report today in the that they have discovered the oldest known fishhooks in a limestone cave in the island’s interior, dating back nearly 23,000 years.

They then attempt to keep the conversation pointed in a sexual nature to attempt to lure them to the “home” of the undercover agent.

Once the officer arrives, they are immediately arrested and charged with sex crimes against children.

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