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You make me old with wisdom." Their souls are the same age, she tells Roger Sterling moments before he proposes marriage. A day before the aeronautics convention, Don Draper stands poolside in Southern California wearing sport coat and hat; the airline lost his luggage.Pete Campbell wants to spend the day at the pool, but Don instructs him to call contacts.“Twenty One” may have been the first game show scandal, but it was certainly far from the last.huck Barris, creator of shows like “The Newlywed Game” and popular host of “The Gong Show,” has died. As the 2002 biographical film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” was set to debut, The Times’ Roy Rivenburg sat down with Barris to talk.Don takes a business trip to Los Angeles, where he hooks up with some interesting new acquaintances; Peggy's in the mood for an office romance; Herman Phillips contemplates the future at Sterling Cooper.Jane Siegel, in bed at the Sherry-Netherland hotel draped only in a sheet, recites lines from a poem she's written about Roger: "You make me new with laughter.At the pool bar, Willy, a Count, introduces Don to Joy, a young woman he says has had her eye on Don."That never happens," Willy remarks when Don declines an offer to dine.

"This is the life I was always meant to have," he says of his relationship with Jane.There was Bountygate, and the damage done to Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita. And there was, of course, Deflategate and the hits Tom Brady took.All the while, the goodwill Goodell had accrued early in his term as commissioner with players like Ben Roethlisberger, Pacman Jones and Mike Vick frayed and, eventually, collapsed altogether.Goodell wrote in the first sentence that, “We use [the offseason] to listen to players.” The third paragraph detailed the work he did in canvassing a cross-section of players on celebrations. “Going around and meeting with them on the celebration rule, I think, is just one example. We try to engage with them on the competition committee with the rules changes every year.The fourth paragraph explained what players told Goodell. And the seventh and final paragraph thanked the players for their help. In fact, as several sources detailed over the past week, it’s all part of a concerted effort by the NFL and the commissioner to start chipping away at the public perception—and to some degree, the reality—that Goodell and the players are perpetually at war. We get good feedback and put a lot of that into effect.

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