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There are authenticated records proving the existence of the people detailed in the section headed the Possible Ancestors of William Shake-speare, however, there is no confirmation that they were definitely related to William Shakespeare of Stratford.

an entry regarding Richard Shakespeare, a yeoman of Snitterfield, who was Shakespeare's paternal grandfather.

If your crush is in love with your best friend, and your best friend is in love with someone else, and it seems like everyone you know is against you — you’re probably having a typical summer in the Hamptons.

Stick to your guns like Helena from Midsummer Night’s Dream; you never know when your crush might drop some psychedelics, snap out of it, and realize that ‘love looks not with the eyes, but with [like] the mind [man].” The added hippie speak is ours. Take a cue from Twelfth Night’s lazy Count Orsino, and get your assistant to do it for you.

Even if they’re saucy, headstrong types like Beatrice and Benedict, they’ll eventually drop the act, jump in the sack, and realize their faux feud was Much Ado About Nothing.In the standoff, the genre of literary biography is lost as a subject of serious inquiry.On the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, the Folger Institute Center for Shakespeare Studies will undertake a rigorous investigation of the multiple—and conflicted—roles biography plays in the reception of Shakespeare today.The great Bard's Family Timeline can be used for a quick reference to important Family dates.Comprehensive information regarding the various sections can be accessed via the William Shakespeare Biography or by clicking the appropriate links.

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When it comes to Facebook stalking that hottie from last night’s party or avoiding a blood soaked break-up, no one spells out the rules quite like Will. If you see someone across a crowded bar and a flood of superlatives fills your head, get over there with your best pickup line.

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