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Minus Points:- One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is it is painfully slow.

The proceedings take their own sweet time to shape for the actual twist which is also very predictable.

Halloween night rolled around, and, as is tradition at my college, a bunch of the students prepped to streak across campus in nothing but sneakers and shaving cream.

Ever a shrinking violet, I never took part in this, but did. I heard the ringing of the elevator bell followed by some familiar shuffling steps.

Now, are they just being best friends or something else altogether, only time will tell!

Then, there are those as well who like to keep people guessing with their frequent public appearances and no comments.

To add to that confusion, here is a list of some of your favourite TV stars who are supposedly dating each other in real life too.

Recommended Read: 7 Celeb Couples Who Are Married For So Long And Fans Are Excited To See Their Kids Paired opposite each other in the popular Colors TV show, , the very pretty and talented, Avika Gor and the handsome hunk, Manish Raisinghani, have taken their roles so seriously that they are now being rumoured to be a couple, despite a huge 18-year age gap between them.

My heart was in my throat, my eyes darted to the floor, and I muttered abruptly, “Uh yeah, that’s totally weird! I spent the next hour gushing to my dearest best friend (seriously I think it was 3 in the morning at this point, she’s a trooper) and didn’t sleep, replaying the night’s events in my head for hours.

” Persistent, he moved dangerously close and, prefacing his next move with something like, “Hmmm, I don’t know . I think I did pretty badly on the test I had the next morning, but it was so worth it.

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Us nonparticipants would watch the shenanigans from the safety of our dorm balconies, and this particular Halloween, I had a vested interest in spectatin’. The tent flap unzipped and a friendly face popped in, “Mind if I join you?

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