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In addition to letting your use your own custom typefaces, you can select custom fonts for use in individual applications.In this example we are going to use it to dramatically increase the area of viewable text in Blazer, albeit with a smaller sized font face.However, there was no legal way for m500 and m505 users to update to the new version of the operating system.This was especially galling when Palm began selling an update to OS 4.1 for older Palm models, like the V and even the III series, in November of last year.How does the trial version differ from the regular version?The trial version and regular version are identical.

Simply enter the registration code to continue using the software and all of your data will remain intact. Simply download and run the latest Splash ID Installer found on the download page.

One of the most long-awaited software releases has finally happened. has released an updater to flash Palm m500 and m505 models to Palm OS 4.1. The update includes several patches that have already been available separately, including one that prevents OS 4.0 models from using SD cards larger than 32 MB.

It also includes Copy Update, which lets the Launcher's Copy function copy user data associated with an application.

You can generally use any font you'd like, however I'd recommend Tahoma at either a 7 or 8pt size.

With this setting pages will look much more pleasant and you'll be able to see much more text on the screen than with the standard font.

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