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17, 1941: Pluto visits Hazel Levesque and her mother in New Orleans.1942: Hazel and her mother move to Alaska. July 1, 1994: Jason Grace born.1994: Leo Valdez and Piper Mc Lean born.1996: Ms. June 20, 2006: Percy returns the master bolt to Zeus on Olympus, meets his father for the first time. 18, 1993: Percy Jackson born.1993: Annabeth Chase and Frank Zhang born. June 2006: Percy is kicked out of Yancy Academy, attacked by the Minotaur and brought to Camp Half-Blood for the first time.mid-June 2006: Percy’s first quest. But in the first book, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth go on a quest to retrieve Zeus's master bolt.

This question and more are answered in this great companion novel to Riordan’s beloved series. Nico has literally been through hell and back, and he totally deserves to be happy with someone like Will. SOLANGELO IS REAL Caleo Hey, I actually really like them. Piper said that Percy was unimpressive, and I really hate her for saying that. She even somehow knew about his Achilles heel and almost died because if it, they belong together Solangelo UMMM... I just love how Nico acts all confused by the idea that Will actually seems to like him and wants him around, and I like to think that Will is a large part of the reason he stayed at camp half-blood. If that's not a tragic and sad and heart wrenching love story, than someone please explain to me what is. Their relationship is so tragic and sad and I really wish they had made some declaration of love for each other or kissed just before Luke died. Like, she is jealous of Reyna and says to Jason Reyna is better, And is jealous of Percy and Annabeth are sleeping in the stables.The first story in THE DEMIGOD DIARIES examines young Luke’s upbringing and backstory of his adventures with Thalia and Annabeth before --- well, you know --- everything went wrong.You might be surprised that when faced with impossible circumstances, Luke’s eventual betrayal is not too far-fetched.

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